At Detroit Dick’s, we’ve grown alongside our city, witnessing its challenges and celebrating its triumphs. Our journey mirrors Detroit’s own story of resurgence and determination. Rooted in the traditions of Motor City and inspired by its innovative spirit, we are proud to serve our community with dedication and excellence.


Much like Detroit's storied history of overcoming adversity, Detroit Dick's prides itself on enduring, quality products and services that stand the test of time.


Drawing inspiration from Detroit's come up story, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of how we can do better, to ensure cutting-edge offerings for you.

Built on Community

Just like Detroit, we believe in fostering strong relationships with our customers, and aim for a personal and intimate experience every time.

Sustainable Growth

Mirroring Detroit's commitment to sustainable urban development, we're dedicated to eco-friendly practices and responsible growth, ensuring a brighter future.

Get in Touch

Have a question, business opportunity, or think there’s someone in need who could use our help? We want to hear from you.